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  • I have seen Dr. Mahima several times now, after moving from Nagpur to Bilaspur, I really needed a dentist that I could trust. I was so satisfied with the results of my dental work, I won't go to any other dentist. The office was really professional and clean.. Loved to talk with her, and the rest of staff there, they are so friendly and caring, about your well being so much.

    Had another appointment with Doc Khemraj agrawal. I never really liked dentists, but he's the best I've encountered. He's really gentle and light with his hands, he always makes me feel comfortable. He's the only dentist I trust. He has the best assistants and office staffs. My visit is not complete unless one of them is around.

  • What an amazing dentist! Dr. Mahima and her staff are very friendly and passionate about their work and greeted me the second I walked in. Dr. Mahima is an excellent dentist whose main priority is making sure her patients are comfortable and get the best dentistry she can offer. The office is beautiful and CLEAN! Very modern and updated. Thanks! Definitely check them out and visit their website.

    Patient First Attitude! Dr. Mahima is an excellent dentist whose main priority is making sure her patients are comfortable and get the best dentistry she can offer. She has videos through which I could understand the procedures on teeth. I would recommend Dr. Mahima to anyone who needs a dentist.

  • I am 71, and my teeth look better now, than when I was 20. I thought there was no hope, unless I spent a fortune. Her fees are very reasonable, and affordable for all incomes, and she will work with you. She is very caring, compassionate, and patient with a desire to make her patients happy with their results. Dr. Mahima is also very good with children, and has a way of making them calm and relaxed. She will always be my dentist, and even though I have to visit from hundreds of kilometers away, for all of my dental needs. If you need quality work, at an affordable price, then you need to call Dr. Mahima to set up an appointment. You will thank God you did. I do every day....Thank you so much!

    I have been really impressed with the dental work performed by mahi dental clinic, and in particular, the customer service I received throughout my treatment, which spanned a five month period. The two implants were done without a hitch, and I was pleased and relieved that full pain relief and infection control were managed very effectively.
    he was professionalism and patience personified. issues were properly resolved, I strongly recommend mahi dental clinic because their staff genuinely care about their patients, and they are true to their word in terms of costs and guarantees.

  • My 6 years old son had severe toothache last night. I called him up at 3 o'clock night. He asked me to come to his office. Even before i reached doctor was opening the shutter of his office at that late night. He gave some injections and did something on sore tooth which made him comfortable. So thankful to this great man. It was an unbelievable experience for me. God bless him.

    This place is very good about their schedule; yet still take the needed time to handle everything. The place is very clean and looks beautiful inside. I'd rather go to a dentist that is clean like this one, rather to some i've been to with mess everywhere. We are bring both of our daughters later this week for their checkups and cleanings. I highly recommend this business.

  • I've been to Mahi Dental Clinic twice. I was searching for dentist and discovered it online. Dr, khemraj is very nice and professional. I felt at ease when I walked in, his staff was very generous and his place of work is immaculate and clean. I will definitely be returning with friends and family. When u experience the best it makes seeing the dentist the highlight of my day. Also don't forget to ask about his awesome treatment plan.

    What a fabulous visit to mahi dental clinic. All my Dental Works are certified Guaranteed. Thank you for all your honesty and your Superior Workmanship- the end result has left me "Breathless"- you have given me the most magnificent Natural set of teeth - they fit " Like a glove" and are so confortable and natural- I have the " before and after" - photos - the difference is Just Amazing - you would be Totally -Shocked at the difference- I am just so Thrilled ,it has changed my life completely, ,my confidence

  • This is by far the best dental office i've been to! Dr. Mahima is very gentle and professional! U feel comfortable during your whole visit! Very clean office and nicely organized. I will definitely recommend this place to my family and friends.

    Dr. Mahima is efficient, yet gentle. She is excellent! Her office is state of the art and very clean. Great Dentist with personalized service.

  • To my favorite dentist, Dr. Mahima agrawal, Thank you for giving me my smile back!

    One of the best experience of my life, loved it!

  • Very nice and helpful, knew exactly what they were doing and happy to explain it to you. No pressure, and simple and easy to understand treatment plans. I by comparison to some of the other patents there had only minor work done but that still had time and took good care of me and my teeth as well.

    I am a very nervous patient and have always had a fear of dentists right from age 5. my first visit to Mahi dental clinic the staff have a way of making you feel so relaxed that I did not feel any pain , their professionalism and expertise must be one of the highest in the world. Also the prices are cheaper. I would say, try this excellent clinic, and you can also discover the wonderful smile.

  • Dr. Khemraj agrawal of Mahi Dental Clinic is the best in dentistry. He has a great team of family and staff. They are all top of the line professionals, with superb workmanship, artistry and state of the art equipment. He has other Hi-Tech equipment, as well, to achieve a precision alignment, which goes hand in hand with that perfect smile, that I now have. I have had poor teeth for about 15 years, and have had many dentists. None of which, have been better at the Mastery of Dentistry, than Dr. Khemraj agrawal. He has transformed all of my ugly teeth into a beautiful smile.

    I needed a whole mouth treatment. I had no back teeth for chewing due to grinding and therefore my front teeth were degrading also. I found mahi dental clinic, online and started treatment immediately after my consultation in June 2014. Due to the extent of my treatment, it took a full year. everyone was so kind and helpful. They calmed me by explaining what they were doing. I was given numerous treatment plans and I was able to modify my plan to suit me and my budget. I never had any issues with my treatments and pain was managed well. My life has truly been changed by my new teeth and I am so grateful to the whole team for their support and expertise.

  • What a fabulous visit to mahi dental clinic. All my Dental Works are certified Guaranteed. Thank you for all your honesty and your Superior Workmanship- the end result has left me "Breathless"- you have given me the most magnificent Natural set of teeth - they fit " Like a glove" and are so confortable and natural- I have the " before and after" - photos - the difference is Just Amazing - you would be Totally -Shocked at the difference- I am just so Thrilled ,it has changed my life completely, ,my confidence

    I have only praise for the mahi dental clinic Team. I have now had three visits to mahi dental clinic for implants, a tooth extraction and caps. The atmosphere in the clinic is pleasant, calm and relaxing. The staff are approachable, patient, friendly and professional, readily answering all questions. I have always felt a little nervous at the prospect of any dental surgery. However, I was soon put totally at ease and relaxed by the reassuring manner, easy humour, care and professionalism of Dr khemraj and Dr mahima. Their smoothly efficient and skilful approach enabled relatively quick and virtually painless implant procedures and tooth removal. As a microbiologist I was impressed by the surgical preparation and careful attention to cleanliness and disinfection. Post-surgical care is carefully explained and after three implant procedures I have never had any post-operative complications and my gums have always healed well and quickly. I am very pleased with how the treatment has progressed and wish to convey my thanks to the teams who have treated me. I have just one more visit for the remaining caps and restoration of a full set of teeth. I’m looking forward to a much more comfortable eating experience and being able to smile widely without gaping voids. I have, without hesitation, recommended mahi dental clinic to friends at a much lower cost.

  • I first went to Mahi dental clinic Bilaspur for a consultation for a possible implant to replace a missing tooth lost by my previous dentist’s treatment. The scan revealed that another major tooth next but one to the gap had the start of a root/gum infection which I had not been aware of and had not been picked up during earlier dental treatment. After discussions and quotations I had 3 root canals addressed plus the initial titanium implant done. We had to leave all to settle and I returned this January and had the 3 crowns made and fitted. I can only speak highly of all the mahi dental clinic team. There was virtually no pain during or after the treatments. I was given all appropriate medications which I have never experienced previously. The colour match and fit of the teeth is perfect. I can smile again. The attention to detail and professionalism was incredible. I will now go back for an annual checkup. I can say no more. Except I went partly for price but ended up with highest quality which is why I will return.

    Treatment received at mahi dental clinic have been positive. The staff are pleasant and very professional. Surgeries are spotless and kitted out with the best dental equipment.

  • I can only describe my teeth as a 'disaster area.' Having seen another dental specialist I was faced with a quote of 226,000 rupees to rectify all my problems. I honestly can't remember how I heard about Mahi dental clinic Dental, but I'm extremely grateful I did. Although my treatment finished in July 2015 it was started earlier in 2014. The premises of Mahi dental clinice are purpose built, with everything being done 'in house.' I suggest a visit to their website The quality of treatment, after care, wonderful staff, through to a complete professional atmosphere. Mahi dental clinic Dental are simply the best. The big fear of getting dental treatment far away home is like "what if there are problems when you get back home?" I didn't experience any but if I had, I could either go back to Bilaspur and have the problem sorted out. Two more things to mention; my final bill was 16,0000 rupees; a massive saving. I could not possibly recommend Mahi dental clinic dental highly enough.

    Mahi dental clinic Dental were a pleasure to deal with. All staff members were highly professional and I felt that the level of patient care was second to none. They were compassionate throughout the whole experience. The dentists are highly skilled clinicians who are not happy with anything less than 100%. I had my front tooth broken in last year and was quoted quite a lot of money to have it replaced. The whole process was really easy, I was a bit nervous of course but dr. Khemraj was there throughout the whole process. I also had all my teeth cleaned and polished and it cost me less than half the price that I was quoted here. Bilaspur is also a beautiful city and not expensive, I had a great few days there. All the people in the clinic were so friendly and the dentists are amazing.  Everything is so well organized. I did not have to think about anything. I am so glad about my crown, they did an excellent job and off course the price made it all possible for me. Thank you so much for my new smile, I am really so happy today!

  • Treatment at Mahi dental clinic Dental Bilaspur was excellent. Staff very friendly, helpful. Treatment was high tech and clinic was superb I have found Mahi dental clinic dental to be excellent. The standard was very good. I had dental implants and Bridge work done in 2005 in Mahi dental clinic Dental and found the clinic very professional and the standards extremely high. So much so that I returned to the clinic this year with my husband who is also receiving dental implants. I would recommend this clinic highly and have recommended it to my children. Very efficient admin and organization. Excellent dental work in impressive way.